Process Analysis Essay 600 Words

I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

I need process analysis essay MLA style 600 words talk about one of these subjects :

How to protect one’s privacy online

How to enlist people’s confidence

How to teach a person to ski

How to book a ride through Uber or Lyft

How to compose a photograph

How to judge a dog show

How to organize your own band

How to eat an artichoke

How to shear a sheep

How to build (or fly) a kite

How to start weight training

How to aid a person who is choking

How to kick a habit

How to win at poker

How to make an effective protest or complaint.

I am an international student I need easy to understand please.

I want it with introduction talk about the benefit of this and whose going to benefit from that.

My friend request that from you before I need same but different subject please and style.


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