Processes for Developing a Literature Review

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Final Assignment: Processes for Developing a Literature Review

Throughout the course, you have been developing various components of your literature review. In this Final Assignment, you will pull everything together into a coherent structure. This is not an exercise in copying and pasting but in ensuring you present a smooth, well-developed process and argument.

Compile the following into one Word document making sure to incorporate any feedback you may have received from your Instructor:

  1. Cover page
  2. A literature gap: A description of the gap that you identified in the literature (Week 4)
  3. An annotated bibliography of all 10 articles (Weeks 6–8)
  4. An outline of your literature review (Week 9)
  5. An overview of relevant theories (Identify theories that are referred to in your literature and provide a one-page description of one theory.) (Week 10)
  6. References for any articles you cited (outside of the annotated bibliography)

Your Final Assignment must adhere to APA-style guidelines.

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