1. Read “7 ways for students to live healthier at college” at
  2. Using the handout entitled “The WVU Student Rec Center” as a guide, visit the web site for the WVU Student Recreation Center and spend some time exploring the resources available there. Make a note of any that interest you.
  3. Using the handout entitled “WellWVU” as a guide, visit the web site for the WVU Students’ Center of Health.  Explore the resources available there, making a note of any that interest you.
  4. Take time to reflect on your own current habits and lifestyle at WVU, and using the resources you’ve just visited identify three specific steps that are within your power to take that would improve your personal health or fitness while you are here at WVU.
  5. Pick two of the three, and formulate them as resolutions that include:
    1. The action you would take, in specific detail
    2. The timing involved (e.g. how much, how long, or how often)
    3. Any resources that you would need
    4. The effects that you would expect this to have on your health or fitness
  6. Write down these three detailed resolutions and submit them to eCampus as a word document attachment to this dropbox.

Here are three good examples:

  • I will get at least 7 hours of sleep every night before a class day.  Since I have a class at 9AM most days, this means that I will need to be asleep by midnight to allow time to wake up, clean up, and eat breakfast on class days. I will do every night Sunday through Friday, and to be sure I wake up in time for class I’ll set my alarm for 7.30AM M-F. If I do this, I expect to be alert and rested for my classes, and my energy level should be higher for all my activities.
  • I will visit the Rec Center and swim laps for at least 20 minutes at least twice each week.  I’ll need to check on the hours of availability for the fitness pool and work those sessions into my class schedule.  If I do this, my fitness level should improve and I should have more energy for other things.
  • I will be sure to eat at least three servings of vegetables every day. Since I don’t eat veggies at breakfast, I’m most likely to do this at lunch in the dining hall, where I can get a big salad for lunch and meet my goal on the spot.  All I need for this one is self-control – and I expect that doing this will both help me feel better about myself and assist me in dropping a few pounds, which I’ve been wanting to do.

Here are three poor examples (because they are incomplete):

  • I will lift weights more (and lift more weights).
  • I will stop eating junk food.
  • I won’t drink so much.

Health_fitness_rec assignment.pdf

The WVU Student Rec Center.pdf


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