professional development of nursing professionals 9

DQ4 T1 Professional Development

Outline the process for the development of nursing standards of practice for Florida, including discussion of the entities involved in developing the standards of practice and how the standards of practice influence the nursing process for your areas of specialty.

!!!!(Instructions or Rubic)DUE APRIL 1ST 2020

!!!! No form of quotes are to be used, No quotations!The Response / paragraph should be at least 150-200 words and be substantive.You must cite reference APA style at the bottom of the paragraphs. And if references used in the paragraph you must cite to avoid plagerisim.

Study Materials Below

Nurses Practice Act

Nurse Practice Act

Review the Nurse Practice Act of your home state. A copy of the Nurse Practice Act should be available on the website of your state’s board of nursing or nursing regulatory body.


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