professional reflection.

For the second and final component of your capstone, you will write an essay in which you discuss the process and outcomes of this project, as well as how your coursework culminated in the capstone project. This may include discussions of unforeseen problems or obstacles, and any unexpected surprises. The essay should also discuss your identified strengths and problems that you encountered while completing the project. Finally, the essay will examine how the capstone project will be useful in the job market or in furthering your education. You should envision this component as a personal reflection on the capstone and your experience in the Healthcare Administration program as a whole. For instance, relative to the capstone, you could discuss what you did (or intended to do) and then consider what worked well, what challenges you faced, and what you would change or do differently to make your experience better. In reflecting on your time here at the university, you might discuss where you started, where you are now, and where you see yourself going. Note that this component is not about evaluating the capstone itself but rather your experience within the capstone project. Some of the issues that you should address in this final component of this capstone may include the following:  Overall, what was your capstone experience like?·  Reflect on the significance of the capstone in relation to your own experience .·  What connections do you see between your capstone and your academic program?·  How will you apply what you learned to your future academic and/or professional life?·  How will you relate ethical considerations and principles to your work as a healthcare administrator?·

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