progress report i

You’ll complete a progress report detailing completed actions, actions scheduled for completion. You’ll also describe any issues slowing your progress, and what you are doing to resolve them. In answering the questions, be detailed. List specific actions and the people who are responsible for those actions. These progress reports will help you to ensure that the project is on track.

  1. What’s been done? (List specific completed actions/tasks and who was responsible for their completion.)
  2. What’s up next? (List specific actions/tasks scheduled for upcoming completion. For each task, list the date the task is due and who is responsible for the task.)
  3. Any issues? (List specific issues that are slowing the progress of the project.)
  4. How are you resolving the issue(s)? (List specific actions being taken to resolve any issues and who is responsible for their resolution.)
  5. Champ of the week! (Did anyone go above and beyond to achieve this week’s goals? If so, how.)

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