progress report on previous proposal

The audience of this report is the same as the one for your proposal, and the secondary audience is your esteemed instructor. Be honest about any problems or obstacles encountered, but also be positive and proactive about steps you are taking, or have taken, to overcome them, even if ultimately unsuccessful. People are more understanding of failure when they are persuaded that reasonable efforts were made to avoid or to prevent it.

You should also briefly address whether you have adhered to the costs, timeline, etc., projected in your proposal, and if not why not (without whining). Most importantly, report the results of your research (or your research so far if you are not quite finished). Since this is a scientific/engineering/technical report, it is essential that you back up any statements with specific evidence and relevant details. Leave nothing out that your audience would want to know. Visual presentations of results, in addition to verbal ones, are highly advisable. Make sure all graphics are labeled and integrated into your report appropriately.

Your report will be evaluated on: detail, organization, tone, clarity, document design, mechanics (grammar and spelling), and, most importantly, how well you suit the report to the specific situation.

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