Progress Report on Technical Report

Discussion Topic 4: Progress Report on Technical Report

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Assignment Description:

For this discussion, you need to post a progress report for the Technical Report assignment. Your progress report should be in memo format, and you need to address your memo to Leslie Patching, ENGL& 230 Instructor. Your memo should be one-page in length and written in first person pronoun. 

Assignment Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the basic features of a progress report and gain practical experience.

Assignment Instructions:

Using the example on page 242 in Technical Communications Today, create a progress report for the Technical Report assignment using the headings listed below.

  • Introduction: an introduction that identifies the topic and purpose of the document.
  • Body:
    • What you have done on your Technical Report?
    • Where you are currently at with your Technical Report?
    • What you still need to accomplish to meet the deadline for your Technical Report?
  • Conclusion: a conclusion that identifies the end of your document.

Remember that the purpose of a progress report is to state 1) what work has been completed, 2) what work is currently being completed, and 3) what work still needs to be done in order to meet the deadline. Also, remember this is a progress report related to your work on the large written assignment titled Technical Report. 

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