Project about Jesus and the Gasble


From the beginning of the course, you will work on a project consisting of several parts, which is due in stages. The project will NOT be accepted if submitted at once at the end of the class.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop your analysis skills of the Gospels. By thinking about the meaning of a story and examining its components, you will better understand the purpose and meaning behind the narratives used in the Gospels.Lesson 1 Gospel Reading Guide RELB 160 Jesus and the Gospels

The bolded written below are already answered but you’ll need to read them for further assistance.

1_ List below which one of the four gospels you have selected to read.

=The Gospel of John.

2_ Write an explanation of why you chose that particular gospel over the other three.

=Because John believes that Jesus is the son of god.

Lesson 1 Text Selection Guidelines RELB 160 Jesus and the Gospels

Write down below the passage/periscope you have selected from your gospel. Eg. John 4:1-45 (Jesus and the Woman of Samaria)

Jesus and the woman taken in adultery


Those the questions that you need to do.

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