project management 345

This work is in two parts, Course work 1&2.

CW2 is 3000 words and CW1 is 1000 words

CW1 depends on CW2 as CW1 is a reflective report on the projects.(look at attached assignment breaf)

i have attached 4 files, Assignment guidelines for both CW1&2, a powerpoint presentation which was made for the project and the Rubric(marking criteria) for both CW1 & 2.

Kindly use the same work breakdown structure(WBS) and the same Network diagram and critical path in the ppt for the work as this already been shown to tutor and approved.

You can also use the framesworks used in the ppt for the work, make a new Swot/tows analysis as the lecture didnt like the one we made.

Kindly review and ask questions if you have. Thanks

Harvard referencing

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