Properly cite all outside sources used using A PA format You have just become the director of the Institute for Economic Development and

Properly cite all outside sources used using APA format

You have just become the director of the Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship which is an outreach program for the local regional university. The university is located in a city with a population of 120,000 and is surrounded by rural farm and ranch land. There are several small communities in the area ranging from a population of a few hundred to 10,000. The small communities serve primarily as shopping and medical centers for the immediate surrounding areas. There is limited economic activity other than agriculture in the rural areas. The city where the university is located has a small but growing industrial and manufacturing base and is the shopping and medical center for the region. Your first task as director is to develop a program to encourage entrepreneurship especially in the rural areas. 

a. Outline the basics of your program and explain why each part of the program is important.  

b. In addition, list some possible resourcesyou could use to help with your program.

2. In the first two to three years of its existence, your program encouraging entrepreneurship (outlined in question 1), which is a program focused primarily on individual entrepreneurial endeavors, has not created competition and controversy among regional leaders or communities, but the potential for disagreement lies just beneath the surface. For example, the retail economic expansion of the city where your university is located is taking customers away from the outlying rural shopping competition. In addition, the region’s water supply is being stretched thin. You sense that it is time to build a regional vision for economic development.  At the moment, there is little consensus among community leaders about need for such a regional program, but, hopefully, everyone will endorse it when it has been developed. 

a. Define your role, or possible roles, in developing such a regional vision

b. outline and justify the steps you will take to establish a regional vision, 

c. and, suggests possible resources and how you might use them (this asking about where you may go for help).

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