ps365 applied behavior analysis 2 unit 3 discussion

You get to practice! Select a skill that is appropriate for use with chaining, e.g., making a meal, doing laundry, and making a bed. You can pick any skill, as long as it is appropriate for use with chaining.

Develop a task analysis for the skill you selected by performing the skill yourself. Your task analysis must include the stimulus-response components, not just the responses. Share your task analysis with your classmates.

Then, describe how you would use one of the chaining procedures to teach the skill to a client; include in your description prompting and transfer of stimulus control.

Peer Responses:

Review two of your classmates’ posts to assess the following:

  • Did your peer identify a skill appropriate for chaining, why or why not?
  • Critique your peer’s task analysis. Did your peer identify appropriate stimulus-response components?
  • Describe one reason why a task analysis for the same skill may differ from person to person.

Reading and Resources

Read the following:

Read Chapter 9 in Behavior Modification: “Shaping”

Read Chapter 10 in Behavior Modification: “Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus Control”

Read Chapter 11 in Behavior Modification: “Chaining”


Cooper, J., & Heron, T., & Heward, W. (2019) Applied Behavioral Analysis (3rd ed.) Person Education, Inc. New Jersey, NY: Hoboken

Miltenberger, R. G. (2018). Behavior modification: principles and procedures 6th edition

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