PSCD questions

Need help with my Programming question – I’m studying for my class.

I need some one to help me to do my assignment, you only need to solve two questions.

You have to use PSCD.

Question 1)

A boost converter intends to convert a 5 V input into a 10 V output. Rated output power is 50 W. The specifications call for an output voltage of 10 V ± 0.1%, and the input current variation of no more than ± 01%. The switching frequency is 20 kHz.
1. Select an inductor and capacitor to meet these specifications.

2. Simulate the circuit in PSCAD. Calculate input current and capacitor voltage ripple 3. Make comments on the results obtained. Is the current ripple and voltage ripple

under ± 1% and 0.1% respectively.?

Question 2)

(use PSCAD, not PSpice) (In PSCAD simulations, plot the switch signal q, vL, iL, and vo in the steady state for 3 cycles).

I will send you the picture for the question.

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