PSYCHOLOGY-1300 (Learning Framework)- Critical Thinking 250 words essay

I have a 250 word essay over , Chapter one, Critical Thnking. It is due October 14, 2013 beforee 12 am central time.

Here is the instructions: You will need the textbook for a little sources, but the textbook is customized though through collin college in McKinney, tx bookstore. ) 


1. The textbook uses examples to provide how we consistently make errors in our thinking. Choose one error that you make-and explain how you make that mistake ans explain what the textbook says about the common nature of the error. Explain how your reading might change (or, be honest- not change!) your thinking in regard to the error. Your response should be at least 250 words and directly utilize the textbook by saying something like” According to the textbook on page xxx, it says..” at least once. let me know if you can get a hold of it to download the textbook

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