psychology foundations of addictions counseling 3 page case study

Could you please help me with a 3 page Case Study for my Foundations of Addictions Counseling Class?

The paper needs to be in APA format and should focus on the assessment used as well as the addiction. Consider the following in this paper:

  • Case study client information and presenting problem
    • Identify the client (gender, age, race, profession).
      • Identify the addiction that this client presents with.
      • Does he have a substance addiction, like alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs?
      • Does he have a process addiction, like gambling, video gaming, or shopping?
  • Assessment
    • Identify the physiological procedure the client uses for administration of his addiction (oral, injection, watching videos, phone calls).
    • Describe the type of environment in which the client spends his time.
      • Is there support within the family?
      • Does the client hang around with friends who are using addictive substances?
      • Is the client working for a company where his addiction is encouraged?
    • What is the client’s philosophical stand about his addiction?
      • What is his motivation level for getting help?
      • Is there a sense of hope or hopelessness?

Addiction information

  • Provide the history of the addiction. (Is it a substance or process addiction?)
  • Differentiate between the physiological and psychological effects of the addiction.
    • Does the addiction physiologically affect the subject’s behaviors and mental processes? If so, how?
    • Does the addiction psychologically affect the subject’s behaviors and mental processes? If so, how?


  • Discuss the results of this case.

This paper should:

  • Be composed in MS Word and formatted in APA style
  • Be at least 3 pages in length, not including the title page and references page
  • Employ a minimum of two scholarly sources

A copy of the article is attached below.

Thank you

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