psychology short essay 1

Make sure this is well thought out and grammatically correct

1. Take two theorists. They do not have to be the most famous ones, but they have to be from those we have read about so far in this class. (Most people will use Sigmund Freud, Adler, Rogers, and/or Jung but it could be Maslow, Anna Freud, and Erik Erikson or other theorists or a strange combination). Remember, ONLY TWO.

2. Apply EACH of the TWO theorists’ perspectives to the personality of someone. Who? A person, real or imaginary, a cartoon character, a literary figure, a television character, a historic figure. It is up to you. If you discuss yourself, don’t reveal anything that you would not want to reveal if your answer were HACKED. It is generally best to avoid politics.

3. SPECIFICALLY, you should do the following for EACH of the the TWO theories you choose:

A. Briefly explain what the theory says in general. (1 or two paragraphs for each theory)

B. Explain what the theory might predict about the person that you are using as an example. (1 or two paragraphs for each theory). It is okay to be imaginative here and speculate. In other words, what is their behavior like? What caused them to be the way they are? What is their life likely to be like? You can ask any type of question and answer it. It is up to you.

C. Finally, discuss whether the theory is useful or not in helping to make sense of the person. In other words, was the theory at all “right”? Why or why not? (1 or two paragraphs for each theory).

Answer here and not with an uploaded file, with a limit of 40 lines.

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