question about readings

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Please follow instructions in terms of how many sentences you write. Try to fill each sentence with as much detail as possible, while still being grammatically correct. Writing more than what is asked will not improve your grade, and may lower it. When you summarize particular sections of the essay, reference the page number. Don’t give any specific citations. The point is to summarize in your own words.

  • In 6 complete sentences (i.e. not bullet points), please describe the key point(s) of the author’s essay or book chapter, in other words, the hypothesis and/or goal(s). [3/10 points]
  • In 4 complete sentences, mention 2 other theorists discussed by the author at hand, and the most important concept or issue the author is attempting to convey with reference to the cited source. [2/10]
  • In 4 sentences, mention 2 images or figures (broadly understood as a visual image or representation in media, art, or some other visual format; or a human figure, subject, or group of subjects) discussed by the author and her or his purpose for doing so. [2/10 points]
  • In 9 sentences, mention 3 key insights (three sentences devoted to each insight) you gained from this reading. [3/10 points]

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