read about an author and one of his works and write a summary on it

Submit a summary of the Introduction to Welty and your response to “Petrified Man.” Consider the story in the context of the Medusa myth, speculating as to how the pygmies represent the husband; the nuts in Leota’s purse, manhood; and the Petrified Man the danger of gender imbalance. Though it seems counter-intuitive, do you think that Welty seems to regard the four main female characters (including Mrs. Montjoy), who love freak shows, as freaks themselves in their battle for superiority? And does Billy Boy’s final attempt to retrieve the “nuts” bode well for then next generation of men? (450 work minimum).

I do have pictures of the text we are suppose to read which is attached in the document below. I submitted it in a Microsoft word file and a PDF file.

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