Read from page 49 until page 72 then summarize following the steps

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Summarize the central argument in each of the Parts of Getting to Yes you read for this week as follows:

Parts III & IV: Yes, But… & Conclusion…Summarize the central argument here in 80-100 words.

Part V: Ten Questions…Summarize the central argument advanced by our authors in both Question #10 and one other question of your choice from this list of ten questions in 50-100 words.

In each of your two short summaries, include one short quote from those pages that is clearly important to understanding the central argument you are summarizing. Be sure to integrate that quote into your summary. It is not a stand alone statement; it should be chosen to help you craft a more accurate and concise and persuasive summary. Be sure to indicate the page number for each quote. The quote is not included in the word count.

Then sit back and think about the arguments being advanced in these sections of our text…what interests you? What jumps out at you? What is your most thoughtful response to the arguments advanced here by our authors (50-75 words). What struck you as particularly interesting or useful, something you might try to practice and master as a skill, or what struck you as reinforcing Schattschneider or Gandhi’s Way?

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