read the attached file and answer the following questions 1

1.Fisher and Ury talked about the importance of “separating the people from the problem”.

Explain how PERCEPTION plays a role in this area. What are the advantages of dealing

with your adversary’s perception? What are the disadvantages?

2. Fisher and Ury suggested that you focus on Interests, not Positions. Discuss what was

identified as the most powerful Interests for most people, and the tactics on how to address


3. Consider the chapter “Insist on using objective criteria.” How can that approach be

implemented in a negotiation? What are the issues with implementing this approach?

4. Fisher and Ury discussed 10 questions about Getting to Yes

. One question dealt with a major

issue in the negotiation process…..POWER. “Can the way I negotiate really make a

difference if the other side is more powerful? How do I enhance my negotiating power?”

Explain some of the issues that were discussed on the topic of Power. Do you find their

positions on Power viable? Explain.

5. One question in

Getting to Yes

discussed Fairness…..”Should I be fair if I don’t have to be?”

How did Fisher and Ury handle this question? What is your position? Elaborate.

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