reading assignment 39

A. Choose to respond to ONE of the questions below for your original post. Then, respond to classmates who answered the two questions that you did not choose for your original post.

1. Why and how did the Filipino Agricultural Laborer’s Association (FALA) organize successfully before World War II?

2. How did the Filipino Federation of America (FFA) differ in ideology from FALA? What was the FFA’s relationship with Japanese farmers (Issei, or Japanese immigrant, farmers)?

3. How did the FFA and/or Japanese farmers respond to FALA’s labor militancy?

B. -For original post, respond to this question: How did many Filipinos in the U.S. feel and act toward Japanese and Japanese Americans during World War II, and why?

– For your response to another student, see the question below.

C. Choose ONE of the questions below for your original post.

1) How did the lives of Filipinos in America change during the war, in terms of military enlistment, citizenship, land ownership, and/or businesses?

2) How did public attitudes change toward Filipinos in America during World War II, and why?

D. Respond to BOTH questions.

1. According to the author, how did the war impact any ONE of the following:

a. the agricultural work in Stockton and in California during the war

b. Filipinos’ work in defense industries

c. Filipina women’s work during the war (in the reading, Filipina women also referred to as Pinays)

2. Why do you think segregation against Filipinos continued during the war (considering your response to the question above and to Forum #3)?

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