Reading Log – EASY

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*5 Total Readings*

Requirement: 2 page double spaced. Grading Rubric Attached. ASA format


1.) Mittell, Jason. 2010. Television and American Culture. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 1-53.

Introduction: “Why Television”
Chapter 1: “Exchanging Programming”

2.) Baughman, James L. 2007. “Introduction,” “Opening Number,” “The Mother of Television,” and “The Marionette and the Cross-Dresser.” Pp.xi-55 in Same Time, Same Station: Creating American Television, 1948- 1961. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

3.) Bielby, William T. and Denise D. Bielby. 1994. “‘All Hits Are Flukes’:Institutionalized Decision-Making and the Rhetoric of Network Prime-Time Television Program Development.” American Journal of Sociology99: 1287-1313.

4.) Bielby, Denise D. and William T. Bielby. 2002. “Hollywood Dreams, Harsh Realities: Writing for Film and Television.” Contexts Fall/Winter: 21-27.

5.) Bielby, Denise D. 2014. “Gender Inequality in Culture Industries.” Pp.137-146 in The Routledge Companion to Media and Gender, edited by Cynthia Carter, L. Steiner, and L. McLaughlin. London and New York, Routledge.


As seen in the film My Favorite Year (MGM, 1982, 92m), television’s success as a new medium and industry was economically uncertain when it was launched commercially, and this economic uncertainty continues to this day to affect how it is produced.

Using this week’s readings, discuss where in the industry the effect of television’s economic uncertainty existed historically and can be observed presently.

The log should highlight and synthesize the main points of all the readings or present specific questions that you had about the readings, and it should discuss implications of the readings.

Note that these reading questions/reflections should NOT be a summary of the readings.The purpose is that you demonstrate you have done the reading and given thought to it;

*Follow these Questions/Directions:*

Follow prompt

*What is the Center argument of each of the readings. What is it about?

*Achieve how these readings Relate to one another

*Show that you understand how they relate

*Make Connections between the 3 readings

*Analysis of the connection.

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