Redflection Paper

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Format: 3-4 pages; double-spaced typed. Page length does not include your personal mission statement.

Purpose: In this assignment you exercise metacognition, one of the pillars of IDLS, by writing about your educational experience, trajectories, and SU. You also may identify and develop themes informing your work in the IDLS major.

Your Task:

  • Reflect on the SU Mission and Learning Objectives and other readings so far.
  • Write a concise 3-4 page reflection paper that finds and expresses the nexus or theme among these readings and who you are as a student and a person. This is a short, narrative reflection paper. The main purpose of any reflection paper is to invite and then engage the reader in thoughtful reflection, through original, often first-person, narrative.
  • Include at least two key moments or experiences that were poignant or powerful in how you see yourself at SU. This could be from class (discussions, assignments, projects, etc.) or co-curricular activities (service learning, study abroad, clubs, etc.) or personal encounters or observations, or even something prior to arriving at SU.
  • Include a reflection upon at least two quotations from our readings and how they resonate with (shed light upon, contrast sharply with, mirror, etc.) your experiences.
  • Finally, starting on a new page (i.e., after you have written at least three full pages), write a one or two page personal mission statement that takes into account your history and tradition (your ethos), and your hoped-for future (your telos). Where are you coming from and where are you going?
  • Use APA Style to cite all sources. (See our Concise APA Style Guide on Canvas). You do not have to use outside sources, but you must correctly cite our readings when you use them.

Attached is one of the readings

1) This reflection is about (who you are as a student) *for me I play baseball at seattle university*

2) This is NOT a thesis written paper.

3) When I first arrived at seattle u

4) Think how you convey yourself and how you see yourself at Seattle u.

5)specific things that shaped you prior to attending

6)look and both the good and bad at seattle u.

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