refelection and creativity 1

other authors have Marina Abramovic, Koblenz, Frank Gehry, Doris Salcedo

A 750 word reflection piece that is worth 20% of the final grade. The requirements of this reflection piece are:

a) You are asked to comment and elaborate on the following statement by Miles Davis in Miles Davis. The Birth of Cool (Netflix 2019): “If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.”

b) Reflect on what creativity is based on Miles Davis’ statement plus three other authors we have studied during the course.

c) Define what creativity is, followed by how it applies to your selected authors, giving specific examples of either creative moments or works by those authors. Wrap it all up around David’s comment, jazz, and music in the 20th Century.

d) Date: to be handed in via owl before March 30 at 11:55pm. The assignment will be open tonight for those who want to submit and finish the course early.

e) If you use documents to support your piece, please properly refer to them in your bibliography. For you quotes and bibliography, use the most recent version of the APA citation system (

f) Rubric:

-Clarity of your piece (30%).

-Use of course materials (30%).

-Elaboration on Miles Davis’ statement (20%).

-Connectedness and/or separation between jazz/music and other forms of creation studied during the course (20%).

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