rel 126 introduction to the new testament quiz

1 Corinthians

1. Paul writes 1 Corinthians in response to what?

a.Reports from Chloe’s people

b.Reports from Stephanus, Fortunatus, and Achaicus, who brought a letter to Paul from the Corinthians

c.A letter written to Paul from the Corinthian church

d.All of the above

2. True or false? Some Corinthian Christians tried to justify hiring prostitutes because freedom in Christ means “anything goes.”

a. True b. False

3. According to 1 Corinthians 13, what will remain forever?

a.Wisdom and understanding

b.Faith, hope, and love

c.Heaven and earth

d.Power and glory

4. What occurred between the writing of 1 and 2 Corinthians?

a.Paul made a visit to the Corinthians during which he was hurt and humiliated

b.Paul received news from Titus that the Corinthian church had repented of hurting him

c.Paul wrote a letter challenging the church to prove their obedience to him and discipline an individual who had wronged him

d.All of the above

5. True or false? The Lord’s Supper (Eucharist) originally included a full meal.

a. True b. False

2 Corinthians

6. Why do scholars think that Paul’s arguments in 2 Corinthians won out against the other apostles in the long run?

a.Archaeological evidence suggests Paul’s victory

b.The Corinthians eventually welcomed Paul back

c.The Corinthians preserved and copied Paul’s letters

d.Forty years later, Clement also wrote to the Corinthians

7. True or false? According to 2 Corinthians, the role of the apostles was to lead the universal church (i.e., Christians around the world).

a. True b. False

8. In 2 Corinthians, Paul is driven to boasting by whom?

a.Pagan philosophers who worship angels

b.Gentile Christians who want to eat food offered to idols

c.Super-apostles who tout their own credentials and achievements

d.Jewish believers who insist on gentiles being circumcised.

9. In 2 Corinthians, Paul’s relationship with the churches in Corinth is best described as . . .

a.Solid and strongb.Passive-aggressive

c.Polite, but not friendlyd.On the rocks and troubled

10. Paul devotes most of 2 Corinthians to what topic?

a.His ministry [correct]b.Fundraising

c.Apostolic authorityd.Boasting


11. True or false? Paul closes the letter to the Galatians with a paragraph he wrote by hand (rather than having his secretary or amanuensis write it).

a. True b. False

12. Paul tells the Galatians that the Holy Spirit is a gift of God to Christ’s followers, and its role is to . . .

a.Guard them in the lawb.Form Christ in them

c.Sacrifice for themd.Purify them for Christ

13. We know for certain that the Galatian churches consisted mostly of what people group?

a.Celtic Tribesb.Turks

c.Gentiles d.Judaizers

14. Why did Paul rebuke Peter at Antioch?

a.Peter quit eating with gentiles

b.Peter circumcised Timothy

c.Peter had denied Christ three times

d.Peter had opposed Paul at the Jerusalem council

15. Why does Paul think the Galatians are fools?

a.They speak in tonguesb.They want to be circumcised

c.They think the end has already comed.They favor the rich over the poor


16. In English Bibles, Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is addressed “to the saints who are in Ephesus and are faithful in Christ Jesus.” Some of the oldest Greek manuscripts are missing a few of these words. Which are the missing words?

a.In Christ Jesusb.To the saints

c.Faithfuld.In Ephesus

17. Scholars have explained the dissimilarity of Ephesians with Paul’s undisputed letters in all of the following ways except . . .

a.Paul wrote Ephesians to a general audience soon after writing Colossians (which was to a specific congregation).

b.Paul wrote Ephesians as a rough draft for Colossians, but it was mistakenly inserted into the collection of Paul’s letters.

c.A disciple or companion of Paul wrote Ephesians after Paul’s death, providing the church a generic statement of what the apostle would have written.

d.A later admirer of Paul wrote Ephesians in Paul’s name to continue Paul’s legacy and to gain an audience for the letter’s teachings.

18. True or false? The “dividing wall” destroyed by Christ (in Ephesians 2) invokes the image of an actual wall in the Jerusalem temple that separated the “Court of the Gentiles” from the inner sanctuaries which only Jews could enter.

a. True b. False

19. The second-century writer Marcion refers to what we know as “the letter to the Ephesians” as what?

a.The letter to the Colossiansb. The letter to the Philadelphians

c.The letter to the Tralliansd. The letter to the Laodiceans


20. True or false? According to Philippians, some Christian missionaries competed with Paul and created factions in the church.

a. True b. False

21. In what positive ways does Paul interpret his imprisonment for the Philippians?

a.Paul’s imprisonment has advanced the gospel

b.Paul is now actively sharing in Christ’s suffering

c.Other Christians have become bolder in proclaiming the message of Jesus

d.All of the above

22. True or false? According to Philippians, those who live in a manner worthy of the gospel will never suffer.

a. True b. False

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