Renal system: Renal failure and Chronic kidney disease

I need support with this Powerpoint question so I can learn better.

Power Point Presentation: Renal System: Renal Failure and chronic kidney disease


-Anatomy and physiology of the Renal System; image and description of renal system

-Short video of system functioning

-The nephron; description and function

-Etiology of Renal Failure and chronic kidney disease

-Types and causes of renal failure

-Signs and Symptoms

-Most affected population

-Diagnostic tools; GFR, labs, contrast imaging precautions, etc

-Treatments of Chronic kidney disease



-Transplants; when, how, who is eligible

-Prognosis; statistics, charts

-Patient education; nutrition, life-style, medication and treatment compliance



**Please include any other aspect I could have forgotten, also include charts, images, pictures and a short video to help the audience better understand the topic. As many slides as you need up to 25-30. Will pay sixty plus tip, thanks.

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