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There are many similarities and differences between the First and Second World War. One similarity is that both of these wars resulted in the deaths of millions of soldiers and civilians. Also, there were massive genocides of ethnic groups, such as the Armenians in the First War and the Jews in the Second War. These wars were modern, as they contained technological advancements such as the machine gun, aircraft, and the atomic bomb that resulted in an increase in casualties. Another similarity was in the motivations of the wars, as they were connected to nationalism and imperialism. Both wars displayed nationalism, as many of these countries placed their own interests over other nations. Nationalism is portrayed in WWI with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Instead of resolving this local conflict between Serbia and Austria, these nations were too prideful and were ready to go to war. Nationalism is seen in WWII, as Hitler wanted to expand the German empire by taking over Austria, Sudetenland, and eventually Poland which caused Great Britain to declare war on Germany. Imperialism is shown in both wars, as nations wanted to protect their colonies in Africa, the Middle East (Suez Canal), and Asia (French Indochina). In World War II, Germany and Britain went back and forth in taking control and protecting these colonies. A difference between these wars were in the tactics used. According to Khan Academy, the battles in WWI were very long as the soldiers fought with trench warfare, compared to WWII where the soldiers striked quickly in order to gain a swift victory (blitzkrieg). Also, WWII was different, as there was a rise in dictators that used propaganda and force to obtain control of their nations. There were dictators in WWI, but they did not become as prevalent until WWII. I do believe that WWII was a continuation of WWI, as Germany was harshly blamed for WWI in the Treaty of Versailles. Many nations were in an economic depression, so they were looking for a leader like Adolf Hitler to solve their problems. In Hitler’s Speech, Hitler states, “A November 1918 will never be repeated in German history. I am asking of no German man more than I myself was ready throughout four years at any time to do.” Hitler was seeking revenge from WWI and wanted Germany to be victorious.

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