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The country of China places a high priority o transportation security for the safety of their citizens and foreigners. One of the challenges they face is providing top notch security on a regular basis not only for their major urban areas, but for their entire country. Most of the transportation security takes place at the air ports in China. The Civil Aviation Administration of China is responsible for the airports and airport security. They have the objective of raising security levels in every Chinese airport to ensure the safety of their passengers. When going to an airport, airport security asks their passengers to remove their shoes, belts, and they examine luggage a lot more thoroughly than ever before. The adoption of stricter checks did not sit well with the passengers which in result caused a great deal of fights and scuffles to break out in the process. Nowadays, it has become mandatory for passengers to arrive at the airport more than three hours before departure time to ensure they do not get held up being processed and verified by airport security.

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