Reseach-based report.

Read the attached instruction and this guideline  for the assignment.

My topic is Benefits and why a company should support lactation Programs for employee.

1.  understand the format. it is  research based report

2. Look at the list of seven sections that your assignment directions state your report must contain.

The report will include the following components:a. executive summaryb. letter to the decision-makerc. table of contentsd. introductione. body of the report to include headings and subheadingsf. conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solutiong. References page, with references listed in APA formato Instructions on how to list an interview in APA format can be seen at the following url:

3.  You must use seven (7) sources (references) for this assignment.  Three (3) of these must be scholarly journals.

3.  Your report must be 2200-3000 words long.

4.  Use 12 point Times New Roman type

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