research methods class 1

Your research question should be one or two sentences. Your abstract should be a paragraph in length. In writing your abstract, please review the article on how to write an abstract.

So, typically, an abstract is written by “looking backward” at a research project. In other words, the researcher has completed his or her research project and is writing some sort of manuscript or publication on it. The abstract summarizes the research project. Therefore, the question arises with this assignment: “How can I write an abstract if I’m just getting started?’

Actually, it’s not all that unusual to write an abstract before the research is actually conducted. When researchers submit proposals to conferences that they want to present at, they will (oftentimes) need to submit an abstract of the work. The problem is that the conference may be months away and the research is still being conducted.

Much of the abstract, however, can still be written. If you look again at the elements of an abstract, there are basically 5 elements, which are the following:

  • Motivation
  • Problem statement
  • Approach
  • Results
  • Conclusions

See “How to write an abstract” in literature review module.

The first three of those, you can complete before you conduct your research. Clearly, you can define your research question or topic. That’s fairly basic and straightforward. The first three are related to that. Again, just look at the article that’s already posted.

Now, the final two cannot be done at this stage because you haven’t carried out your project. But you can still offer a guess of what you believe your results to be.

One of the key questions for any assignment is, “Why am I doing this?”

The purpose of this assignment or the reason why you are doing this assignment is to help you conceptualize and think through your research question and topic.

-Please find a good topic about( criminal justice)to start writing this research.. I will contact you later for more pages regarding to this work
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do not select any of these topics please it just an examples to show you the way that you should do it.

Here are three examples of research topics.

Research Topic 1: Support for gay marriage.

Background: Since the early 1990s, support for gay marriage increased among the American public. There are a number of theories as to why support increased. Some suggested that it revolved around more positive portrayals of gays and lesbians in popular media (for example, Ellen and Will and Grace). Another theory was loosely based on social contact theory. Basically, social contact theory suggests that the more contact individuals have with others not like themselves, the less likely they are to embrace stereotypes about that group and the less likely they are to dislike the group.

Research question: What effect does having more gay or lesbian friends have on support for gay marriage?

Hypothesis: The more gay or lesbian friends an individual reports having the more likely that individual will be to support gay marriage.

Methods: Survey of college students.

Research Topic 2:
In deciding what issues are important, Individuals are influenced by the news media.

Background: It has been suggested that the effect of the news media on what individuals believe to be important has been widely discussed. Indeed, a popular saying is that “it’s not news until the news says it’s news.” In other words, the news media signals to the American public what is important. If Americans don’t see it on the news, then they are not aware of it. Additionally, items at the beginning of a newscast are seen as more important than those at the end of the newscast.

Research question: By covering certain stories and ignoring other stories, does the news media define the important issues of the day?

Hypothesis: Individuals who watch the news will judge those items covered by the news to be the most important issues of the day. Additionally, individuals will judge issues covered first in the newscast to be more important than items covered later in the newscast.

Methods: Experimental design with a pre and post survey. Participants will be given a survey in which they are asked what issues are the most important issues facing America. They will then watch the news for a week at a specified location. All participants will watch the same newscast. In the newscast, the researchers will insert stories about US military preparedness. In the post-survey, we will see if they rank military preparedness higher than where they ranked it in the pre-survey.

Research Topic 3:
In deciding what issues are important, Individuals are influenced by the news media.

Background: Over the last few years, there have been a number of mass shootings in the United States. Each time there is a mass shooting, there is a new call for greater restrictions on firearms.

Research question: Are people safer in areas where there are more restrictive gun laws?

Hypothesis: Cities that have more restrictive firearm laws are less safe than areas with more lenient firearm laws.

Methods: Identify a number of cities for a sample. For each city, code whether their laws regarding firearms are lenient, moderate, or strict. Collect demographic information on all cities as well as acts of violence with firearms. Specify a model that estimates the effects of firearms on acts of violence, while controlling for all salient variables.

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