research paper 1718

EH 102 RESEARCH PAPER Checklist Content:

Are the paper’s claims appropriate for the assigned topic?

Is the overall argument carefully developed with effective support?

Does it avoid summarizing?

Does it avoid repetition?

Is sound thinking clearly and creatively expressed?


Is the introduction engaging? Does each sentence in it build toward the thesis?

Does each body paragraph begin with a topic or “bridge” sentence?

Do all body paragraphs clearly support the central theme or thesis?

Is each paragraph coherent? (Does each sentence logically flow from the one that

precedes it?)

Are all paragraphs unified? (Does each maintain focus on the claim in its topic sentence?)

Are the transitions between paragraphs logical and smooth?

Does the conclusion emphasize the main points of the paper without simply repeating

them? Does the conclusion offer memorable language in its final sentence(s)?

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