Research Paper

Paper Topic and Research Question

[Restate your chosen paper topic and research question here. This should be the same topic and question you already submitted in Module/Week 1.]

Research Problem

[In 100–150 words, explain why your chosen research topic—and, more specifically, the narrowed research question—is significant within its scholarly context. In order to do this, you might address issues such as differing scholarly opinions on the topic, the historical significance of the topic, cultural trends surrounding the topic, ongoing disputes about the topic, etc. You might find that it is necessary for you to conduct preliminary research in order to adequately address this question, especially if you are unfamiliar with your chosen topic. For more suggestions on what sort of information to include here, consult Vyhmeister and Robertson, Chapter 13, “Step 1: Define the Problem.” Please Note: This section should be focused on the scholarship rather than personal experience. Additionally, if there are any key Scripture passages that are relevant to your paper, those should be explicitly stated here. If there are no passages stated here, then there should be no commentaries listed as a source under the Research Approach.]

Purpose of the Research

[In 75–100 words, describe the purpose of your research. You’ve already explained the research problem. Now, explain how you plan to address that problem with your research and your paper. State whether you plan to analyze the problem, resolve the debate, compare/contrast differing opinions on the problem, etc. For more suggestions on what sort of information to include here, consult Vyhmeister and Robertson, Chapter 13, “Step 2: Determine the Purpose.”]

Research Approach

[In 100–150 words, explain what type of sources you think will be most valuable for your paper. Consider questions such as: Do you plan to primarily rely on commentaries, books, or journal articles? Why? Are there particular sources you know will be important for you to consult? Do you need to read any primary sources in order to complete the paper? Do you think you’ll need to use InterLibrary Loan to request sources? For the research paper, you should have a variety of types sources, but you might find that one particular type of source will be most helpful for your approach. If you think that will be the case, explain why here. Please note that if you plan to use commentaries for this assignment, then you should identify the key passages of Scripture that are relevant as a key component in your Research Problem and/or Purpose of the Research.]

Research Hypothesis

[Based on your knowledge of the topic so far, describe what you expect to find in your research and why you have those expectations in 75–100  words. This is where you might document any presuppositions you have about this topic.]

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