Research paper 6 to 8 pages

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project will be a 10-12 page paper where you are identifying and explaining protocols, procedures, items, etc. that you as a Project Manager will need to add to your arsenal of project management capabilities to better insure success. Of course, there is an awareness and understanding of the needs of the project, the organization’s culture, and the constraints you may have to deal with in choosing a project management approach, but for the last several weeks we have been discussing the softer, more cerebral skills, other items to be aware of, dynamics to understand and address as well. These most likely will be items that will be relevant in any large, complex project or program environment regardless of PM approach chosen. However, their application may need to be different in different types of situations and when using different types of approaches.

Writing style

1. Abstract –

2. Background (describes/includes)- What am i researching, what area i am covering/focusing etc (basically set up of the paper).

3. Issues (describes/includes) – What i read, what’s going on, concern etc.

4. Insights and implications (describes/includes) – Why it is significant, what have we learned from it, how to solve the problems, what will happen if it’s not solved etc.

5. Conclusion

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