research paper about language and culture

Format for Research Paper

Paragraph One—Positionality/Intersectionality

Describe your positionality and how you represent intersectionality (race/class/gender/sexuality/immigration/language/phenotype).  What is the social issue that comes out of the intersections of your identity?  End this paragraph with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should stress the stance you take on your social issue.  For example if your social issue is language attrition (loss) and cultural identity, your thesis statement could be, “Although language attrition can lead to loss of culture, I should not be denied Chicanx cultural identity because of my broken Spanish.”  The rest of the paper will arguing for this position—supporting it with evidence (your sources). 

Length of first paragraph—around one page (double-spaced)

Body Paragraphs—Each body paragraph should contain one idea with one source (evidence) to support it.  Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence and a sentence introducing the topic.  Then should come the direct quotation or paraphrase.  Then 2-3 sentences analyzing the quote.  This analysis should support your thesis statement.  Each body paragraph should be 5-7 sentences.

Pages 2, 3

Counterargument—Write a short paragraph acknowledging the counterposition to your thesis.  For example, some people believe you have to be fluent in your home language in order to identify with that culture (see above). You are NOT agreeing with the counterargument, just acknowledging it. 

Conclusion paragraph

Restate your thesis and summarize your evidence.  Also, acknowledge other aspects of the social issue that you did not cover but could have, e.g. how does gender affect language attrition, or age?

Page 4

Find two CREDIBLE sources and two POPULAR CULTURE sources as evidence to support the exploration of your research question.

the topic is language and culture. my language is arabic and I came from an arabic country and I currently live in the states where they have different language. so for example, how people see me when i talk with my friends in my language. 

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