Research paper on substance abuse and addictions

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Your paper should include the following components:

1. Introduction (up to 1 page)

A concise overview of your topic which integrates the literature. This section should provide a vivid snapshot of the aspect of substance use that you are focusing on and ends with your particular stance regarding the issue. The introduction should be very clear and to the point.

2. An analysis of your topic which includes a thorough review of the literature. This section should be a critical analysis of the literature and research and the formulation of your perspective based on the literature and research (5-6 pages, as needed to cover your topic):

  • A review of the literature and varying perspectives (at least 2 different points of view or theoretical lenses) on the topic you have chosen;
  • Any current research (quantitative and qualitative) relevant to your topic;
  • Brief formulation of your perspective on the particular area of substance use you have chosen.

3. Discussion which includes the following components:

  • Strengths and challenges of current approaches to the issue/topic of your paper.
  • Social work practice implications associated with your topic (1-3 pages, as needed to cover your topic).
  • Social policy implications associated with your topic (1-3 pages, as needed to cover your topic).

4. Summary

The summary includes a very concise summation of your paper and which leads to a brief, dynamic discussion on the relevance/contribution of your topic to the field of substance abuse. The paper should conclude with recommendations for next steps in addressing the issues raised in your paper (2-4 very tight, focused, organized pages).

The paper needs to be very well edited so as to present a well organized, well structured, concise, integrated paper. Please avoid an over-reliance on detail. Use your library research to develop an understanding of the topic and write your paper using language derived from your reading of the literature and using citations to support what it is that you are saying. It is expected that your sources will reach beyond what is assigned for class, and will include at least one external scholarly reference. Please avoid lengthy quotes (rather, paraphrase and summarize concisely). APA formatting references. Use attachment as a guide however, it is just a draft so please do not make it the whole paper.

This will be evaluated according to the Substance Abuse Paper Rubric

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