Research Questions

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Should be a total minimum of 7 paragraphs! Read the instructions below!
use only the attached article as reference to respond to these questions!

Add in text citations with page number too

Some clients of social workers are those who may be vulnerable for many different reasons. One population that we haven’t discussed thus far in the chapter consists of people with intellectual disabilities. These may be individuals with congenital developmental conditions like Down syndrome as well as those with acquired brain injuries (e.g., traumatic brain injuries).

Utilize the article to support your statements (cite in APA format). Only looking for proper APA citation/references and not Times New Roman, Double space, 12 font as it is not conducive to Canvas Discussion formatting.

1) As a researcher, how would you go about explaining a study involving individuals with intellectual disability to the possible participants you would like to recruit (minimum 3 full paragraphs)?

2) How would you check to make sure the participants understood their rights as research participants (minimum 2 full paragraphs)?

3) How do you think you might have to modify your data collection procedures from those typically used with persons without intellectual disability (minimum 2 full paragraphs)?

*Please note that I do not consider 3 sentences as a “full” paragraph. A full paragraph constitutes a minimum of 5-6 strong sentences or more.

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