Resource Advertisement

Advertisements are all around us. The goal of an advertisement is to increase our awareness and convince us to try something new. For this assignment, you will create an advertisement aimed at a student for one campus service at Collin College. Your advertisement should be informative and persuasive, giving basic details and explaining the benefits of using that service to entice a student to give it a try.


1. Select one of the following campus services: Counseling Services, Career Services, Student Life, Math Lab, Writing Center, Academic Advising, Fitness Center, ACCESS, Tutoring, Veterans Resource Center. To make this assignment more meaningful, select a service that you could use to improve your academic success.

2. Research your selected service on the college website. You may also wish to visit the service in person to collect additional information. Identify the key benefits, services provided, hours of operation, phone number, location, cost (if any), etc.

3. Design a one-page advertisement to promote the service with the following features:

  • Create a catchy motto, tag line or slogan to go along with the context of the service to make your advertisement memorable.
  • Include important information that would help a student locate and access the service (room number, phone number, etc.)
  • Add elements such as colors, pictures and other details to make your advertisement eye-catching and draw attention.
  • The finished advertisement should be neat, organized, creative and visually attractive.

4. You may create your advertisement digitally using MS Word or PowerPoint.

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