respond to 2 questions on a discussion board listed below

Before completing this discussion, please read “The Careless Language of Sexual Violence,” by Roxane Gay (p. 682) or found on the interent

In a thoughtful post, respond to any 2 of the questions below, citing specific evidence from the text for each response. Mention the question numbers you chose in your subject line so your colleagues can easily identify what your post will be about. Chapter 13 on style should give you some helpful ideas for your analysis:

  1. How would you characterize Gay’s tone? Given that she is a professor, do you find the piece to be academic? Formal? Stuffy? Conversational? Committed? What adjectives come to mind for you?
  2. Gay is clearly angry about her topic, but her tone is not characterized by the ranting or raving we often associate with anger. How and where does Gay’s anger come out?
  3. This essay was written for an online context. In what ways might that fact influence the tone of the essay? Consider both the specifics of this publication site ( and online publication more generally.
  4. Gay makes the argument that we minimize violence against women through the language we use to discuss it. What evidence does Gay offer for this claim with regards to how such misdirected language deflects attention from the more basic problem of sexual violence against women?
  5. How might Gay’s observations about the use of language to discuss sexual violence apply more broadly to your own stylistic choices as an academic writer?

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