According to Meilaender (2013), there are many advances in the reproduction that has led to the transition of the term procreation. In his views reproduction entails the use of technologies in ensuring the formation of the embryo during birth.   In reproduction, there is the availability of the third party that facilitates the reproduction process or aids in a manner. According to Meilaender, reproduction will involve scientific methods in the development and production of the embryo which leads to the separation of the person and body. The scientific methods used increases the fertility of a person hence the embryo this is because of induced chemicals as opposed to the natural formation of the embryo. On the other hand, procreation should not involve any technological advances in the formation of an embryo. There should be no third-party involvement apart from the two, man and woman. Moreover, in reproduction abortion may be encourage when necessary whereas in procreation the protection of life should be from the beginning until the last breath. Furthermore, in reproduction doctors are the givers of life through scientific methods as opposed to God as the giver of life in procreation and God’s protection to us through the doctors. (Perry, 2005).

               From this, it is evident from Meinlaender’s readings that when the parents naturally procreate and create life through the mutual procreation, it is begotten. In begotten it is God that gives life to the formation and development of the embryo. On the other hand, being made refers to the imitation of God’s procreation through the adoption of scientific methods. I agree with the description because technological advances have had impacts on the procreation hence human are made according to the desirable characteristics that the parents ought that their children should have.   These changes have resulted to the imitation of God’s creations hence the modification of God’s plan on procreation (Smith, 2016).

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