response paper assiagnment

Response Paper Assignment

In a 500-1000 word essay, address the following question taken from your text: “If you were fooled by the Turing test, would you be willing to grant the status of “thinker” to the computer program that fooled you? Why, or why not?” (Mitchell, 2019, p. 148)

[Students: Do not belabor the word “fooled.” This isn’t about “trickery.” The question is whether you are intellectually forced to the position that the computer is a “thinker” if you are unable to distinguish the computer from other “thinkers” (like some human beings 🙂 ]

Rubric For Response Papers Weeks 1, 3, 5, 6

Response Papers – Grading Criteria


  • Assignment demonstrates original analysis and informed reflection on the question at issue through integration of references to our text and other classroom resources only, including Podcasts and Lecture Notes.

  • Assignment shows strong compositional skill with proper attention to APA formatting, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Assignment is between 500-750 words.

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