The Christian understanding of the person is that we are physically, psychosocially and spiritually integrated sexual, moral and mortal beings, created in God’s image to live in relationship with God and others and as responsible stewards of the environment. If nurses lose sight of this understanding of human worth and human life, our profession will cease to exist, for there will no longer be any reason to provide nursing care. (Shelly & MIller, 2006)

Imago dei according to the Christian concept is that we were created by the Creator, we reflect this God and God gives us a position of responsibility and authority over the rest of creation. (Shelly & Miller, 2006) This concept is relevant to health care because, “nursing works with people . . . and as such it is concerned with human welfare. To be concerned with human welfare is to act out of a belief in the worth of the individual and the worth of life.” (Shelly & MIller, 2006)

We learn how to be like God by looking at Jesus Christ and his ways. We ultimately learn by experiences and interactions but these interactions should be guided by the example set onto us by God. God showed his love through ethical conduct and compassionate actions. If we ae an image of God then we too should show our love to our patients with ethical conduct and compassionate actions. We should live with a purpose to provide love, care and healing to the communities that we serve without persecution.

What we believe about human beings will determine how we treat one another.

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