review the clean air act guide you do not need to print the document just open and review it you will use it to answer the questions below

Review the Clean Air Act guide. You do not need to print the document, just open and review it. You will use it to answer the questions below.

Please create a word document answering the questions below. You will use the CAA Guide clean air act.pdf

If I asked for a definition, please write the word and underline it before listing the definition.

Define: SIP, attainment, non-attainment area, particle pollution, ground-level ozone, stratospheric ozone, acid precipitation

Describe: 1963 CAA, 1970 CAA, 1990 Ammendments to the CAA, Donora. PA incident

List: 6 common pollutants

Also, list 15 facts from the booklet with the page numbers and tell me what EPA region Oklahoma is in .

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