revise expository essay

Expository Writing

  • 1) Write reflectively in the mode of expository writing.
  • 2) Understand how to write an effective topic paragraph with a clear and concise topic sentence.
    3) Use written Standard American English appropriately through an awareness of common errors in grammar and mechanics.
    4) Work effectively as a peer reviewer to give and receive peer feedback on emerging drafts.
  • WRITE a process essay using standard American English
  • .FORMAT your essay following basic MLA guidelines.
  • NO plagarism, NO sources and Citations! 500 words mininum
  • Essay Prompt: Explain a process that you are good at..Include good transitions, vivid details, and focus on clarity and coherence.

  • Hello Tutor, I am needing YOUR help with a essay that I need to REVISE for a much better grade!! This essay I previously have done on “Good Parenting ” was a low grade.. My instructor has given me chance to redo it and make changes for a chance at an A!! So I am taking the chance to redo it!! I have posted above the instructions and prompts for this essay.. I am including my original essay that was a low grade, to give you an idea of how to make a better one, on being a good parent.. thanks so much!!!

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