revise paper based on a movie breathing lessons the life of mark o brien as a case study which you can find on the internet

Please review below the point allocation for this assignment.

Assignment Components Possible Points

1. List of concepts from Film- Breathing Lessons-M. O’Brien 0 /5 points No list of concepts provided

2.Conceptual definition of 3 selected concepts based on the literature with references = 0/ 6 points

Concept 1: 0/2 points Concept 2: 0 /2 points Concept 3: 0/2 points No conceptual definition for physical disability, independence, and end of life care

3. Statement of your Middle Range Theory = 1/6 points Name the theory=0 /2 points Propositional statement= 1/2 points–you just named three concepts

Diagram= 0/2 points

What is the three concepts you selected, name the theory, discuss how the concepts relate to each other and diagram YOUR theory.

4. Nursing Assessment Questions = 3/9 points Questions r/t Concept 1= 1/3 points Questions r/t Concept 2 = 1/3 points Questions r/t Concept 3= 1/3 points

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