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Find and summarize an academic review article about some aspect of Neuroplasticity.

Possible topics:

Plasticity and Development

Plasticity and Learning

Plasticity and Phantom Limbs

Plasticity and Aging

Plasticity and Injury

Article Summary 

  Directions:     Complete the Article Summary, include the items below. Also include a pdf or the article that you read. 

    Bibliographic Information (APA Style reference)

     Summary Information

        Briefly state the main idea or thesis presented in this article (1-3 sentences): 

        Summarize the most important information, ideas, facts, etc. presented in this article (~250 words): 

     Personal Reaction

        What was the most surprising/interesting thing you found out by reading this article? (3-4 sentences) 

        What question(s) do you have after reading this article?  What would you like to learn more about? (2-3 questions)

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