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I just need a couiple of questions answered. OKay i posted 9 if you can do them all that would begreat and they need to be in your own words hopefully that wont be to much to ask for. And atleast 4-5 sentences. below is how he will be grading them.

  • 8 points: answer is 100% accurate and contains only a minimum of spelling/grammatical errors
  • 9 points: answer is 100% accurate and contains no spelling/grammatical errors
  • 10 points: answer is 100% accurate and there is something about the answer that makes the professor think, “wow! that’s a great answer”.

.Define the six basic elements of organizational structure common to both mechanistic and organic organizations. (hint: the list begins with ‘task specialization’)

Describe how changes in the economy may impact a criminal justice organization.

How might demographic and cultural factors might impact a small police department differently than a large police department.

Discuss why it is important for mid to high level criminal justice administrators to be mindful of political influences on their organization.

Describe the difference between the four different environmental states discussed in class.

Discuss how the filtering of messages may happen along the chain of command or hierarchy of an organization.

Describe how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be applied to the motivation of employees.

Describe the nine dimensions of (police) officer performance appraisal.   

How could the ‘management by objectives’ model be applied to the motivation of criminal justice personnel?

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