robert peel 1829 principles

In 1829 Sir Robert Peel developed the Principles of Law Enforcement from which the community policing movement was born


Most police agencies have worked for the better part of the past two centuries to refine and more importantly, adapt, these principles to contemporary agencies with continually emerging problems. Those problems include lack of resources, ever shifting community demographics and needs, fluctuating crime rates, and ubiquitous and insidious political interventionism. Three such issues that face police administrators are: (1) Identifying, addressing, and managing acts of terrorism on home soil, (2) Managing the judicious use of force, and (3) Increasing gender diversity in police agencies.

In 250-300 Words Please :

Select one (1) subtopic area and discuss the pros and cons of how the selected issue impacts the police agency as well as those policed. Please feel free to use actual examples and cases from other references and media reports.

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