sarah winnemucca

This discussion is provided by the team covering Sarah Winnemucca.

For Tuesday’s class, we read the first chapter of Sarah Winnemucca’s book Life Among the Paiutes. This discussion board will be our place to discuss the chapter from multiple perspectives. I would like for you all to answer one of the two questions in 200 words or less and/or add your own thoughts.

I’m providing some sample questions in case you need a place to start, but I want to hear any thoughts you may have. You can write responses or upload media.

  1. It is often said that in order to understand the present you must look into the past. Do you agree with this in regards to Indigenous people’s position in present-day society? Does Sarah Winnemucca provide an understanding of where we are now regarding Indigenous people?
  2. Was it right for Sarah Winnemucca’s grandfather to be so trustworthy of the settlers or was he knowingly putting his tribe in danger?

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