Screening Strategies

Screening Strategies

The NIAA’s training “Clinician’s Guide Online Training: Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much” offers case examples of the way a social worker might decide to use a specific screening while working with a client. This training can be accessed in the objectives, readings, and resources section of this module in canvas.  This discussion is your opportunity to apply your learning about diagnosis and screening to a specific client case.

Please respond to the following:

  1. Think about one client in your current (or previous) practicum/workplace who is (or was) at risk for a substance use disorder. Provide background information so that other classmates can understand who the client is, why you would be concerned about substance use, and the setting in which treatment would be taking place.
  2.  Determine the screening tool or screening tools that would make the most sense for determining the client’s substance use disorder. Provide research-based evidence to support your reasoning. You can look to screenings we have discussed in class and/or do research to determine if a better-fit screening tool is available.
  3. Pretend that you conducted this screening and answer the screening in the way you believe the client would answer. Using these results to inform your decision making, offer the client a DSM-5 diagnosis (or explain why the client does not meet criteria). Be sure to describe the way the client meets the diagnostic criteria.
  4. Offer a reflection of the utility of this screening tool with your client population and whether it is helpful for determining risk-level and diagnosis. Please share any other reflections or questions you might have about screening tools and diagnosis here; remember that your classmates are a wealth of information!

Initial Post Prompt:

200 – 300 words in length. Be sure to use APA style and format If you use in-text citations and references. You should also include a descriptive subject line in this initial post.

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