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Exponential Functions Project

You will need to:

1. Pick one of the following scenarios:

  • You buy a new car that cost $25,000. The car depreciates at a rate of 11% per year.
  • You put $7,500 into an investment account. The account is projected to earn 9% interest per year.
  • The population of Kensington is currently 120,000 people. It is growing at a rate of 0.35% per year.
  • The population of Camden, NJ is currently 180,000 people. People are moving out at a rate of 1.2% per year.

2. Write an equation to represent the exponential function of the scenario.

3. Create a table to represent the exponential function

  1. Identify the growth/decay rate on your table.
  2. Explain how the growth/decay rate represents an exponential function.

4. Create a graph to represent the exponential function.

5. Use color to connect and identify “a” and “b” in the table, equation, graph, and scenario.

6. Identify the following:

a. Independent variable

b. Dependent variable

c. Domain

d. Range

e. Starting point

f. Growth/decay rate

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